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THE LOFT Gallery provides a space for independent artists and creatives allowing the artist to retain full control of the presentation of their work and brand. 


Our goal is mutual—to exhibit and sell your artwork! To that end and for the efficient administration of our gallery, we request that you take note of the following procedures:     



Delivery of Artwork:    


Artwork is received at The Loft Gallery, Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 2pm!

Please advise the gallery at least 24 hours prior to delivery that your works are arriving!

All transportation of your art to and from the gallery is at your expense!


Artist Responsibility: 

The list of artworks must outline: 

    • Artwork Title or Item Description 

    • Size (width x height in centimetres) 

    • Medium used, including framing, glass, on board, etc, of each piece  

    • Your suggested selling price (including The Loft Gallery commission and GST) 

    • Providing good quality, professional JPEG images of current artworks for the website and other social networks 

    • Artwork Identification: Each piece of artwork must be identified on the back or underside with the artist’s name or initials and/or reference or code 

    • Providing an Artist statement for the exhibition, an updated CV and a short Bio

    • Mutual Privacy: All details and future correspondence, both verbal and written, between the artist and The Loft, must always remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!


Disclosure of Private Information:     


The Loft Gallery will NEVER disclose your contact details to any party unless we have personally gained your prior permission. 




The artist retains all copyrights to the artwork. The Loft Gallery may use images of the artwork for promotional purposes. 


How long do exhibitions last?

4 weeks 

What are the gallery hire fees for 2024?


 $1350 including GST for 4 weeks. 




The Loft Gallery will receive a commission of 25% of the sale price for each artwork sold during the exhibition. Payment to the artist for sold artwork will be made after the exhibition ends. 


What your fees cover? 


Hire of the space for 4 weeks  (plus increased foot traffic through our cafe and special nights) 

Installing of your exhibition (if required)

Design and printing of invitations 

Promoting the exhibition through marketing and advertising efforts 

Handling sales transactions and collecting payments 

Professional lighting 

Our exhibition space is fitted out with gallery hanging systems 

Staffing during gallery hours (9 am - 3 pm, 5 days a week) 

Staff will run the opening reception, leaving you time to mingle and enjoy the event. Please note food and alcohol are not included.



General and Product Liability Insurance: The artist shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining General and Product Liability insurance coverage for the duration of the exhibition. The artist shall provide proof of insurance to The Loft Gallery 1 week prior to the exhibition. We recommend ‘DUCK FOR COVER,’ which is approximately $70 for 6 months.




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